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From the Body, For the Body

For the first time in human history, technological advancements have allowed scientists to create a supplement containing Human Milk Bionutrients™ (HMBs™), which are entirely derived from human milk.

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Mental Health

The gut and the brain constantly communicate with one another through a system that contains about 100 million nerve cells.

Optimum Digestion

Human milk protects the digestive system by helping good bacteria flourish, optimizing nutrient absorption.

Immune System Support

About 70 percent of the immune system is located in the walls of the gut. Trulacta's® HMBs contain several different forms of antibodies, which are also called immunoglobulins. (Trulacta is not a vaccine substitute.)

Better Sleep

Human milk aids in the maintenance of circadian rhythms. 84% of participants of a clinical study reported better sleep after taking Trulacta for 90 days.

Hear the Truth From Our Customers

After taking Trulacta, I started noticing decreases in bloating, abdominal cramping and internal bleeding.

Immediately upon taking it, I felt a change. I was sleeping better very fast. Right away, in fact.