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Trulacta® is the first supplement to contain Human Milk Bionutrients™ (HMBs™), which are the components derived from human milk. Only Trulacta is made from 100% Human Milk.

Protein, g
Lipids, g
Linoleic acid, mg
a-Linolenic acid, mg
DHA, mg
EPA, mg
AA, mg
Carbohydrate, g
Sodium, mg
Potassium, mg
Chloride, mg
Calcium, mg
Phosphate, mg
Magnesium, mg
Iron, mg
Zinc, mg
Copper, µg
Selenium, µg
Manganese, µg
Flouride, µg
Iodine, µg
Chromium, ng
Molybdenum, µg
Thiamin, µg
Riboflavin, µg
Niacin, mg
Pantothenic acid, mg
Pyridoxine, µg
Cobalamin, µg
Folic acid, µg
L-Ascorbic acid, mg
Biotin, µg
Vitamin A, µg RE
Vitamin D, IU
Vitamin E, mg a-TE
Vitamin K, µg
Nucleotides, mg
Choline, mg
Inositol, mg 

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