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The Powerful Way Trulacta® Supports Cellular Immunity

The Powerful Way Trulacta® Supports Cellular Immunity

Trulacta® is a supplement that is comprised of 100% dehydrated human milk and contains  many beneficial and nutritional components. Trulacta possesses strong stomach survival, which  means its benefit-rich nutrients are less likely to be destroyed by the stomach’s acids through  the digestive track and are better absorbed by the body. It delivers the most nutrients to your  body, making it an easy an effective option to improve your overall and gut health.  

Beyond its strong nutrient-rich composition, Trulacta is full of Human Milk Bionutrients™, or  HMBs™. HMBs are a large and diverse category of nutrients that are found in human milk. They help to support gut health and immune health, and they additionally optimize your mood,  circadian rhythms, and reduces inflammation.  

A recent laboratory study was conducted using Trulacta to demonstrate the strong immune boosting abilities of HMBs. The study was done in vitro, meaning the HMBs were treating  human cells that are in a dish, not in a patient. The “human cells” used are called Human  Normal Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC), and they act like the blood cells in our  body. The purpose of the test was to determine HMBs can protect against potential health  threats, like cancer, K562 cells were also used. K562 cells are leukemia cells that are very  commonly used in experiments and studies like this one. Leukemia is a common cancer of  blood cell and was identified and chosen as the potential health threat in this study. 

At the onset of the experiment, an initial recording of Natural Killer cells (NK cells) good cells that fight cancer cells (K562 cells) were counted. Then, all the cells were treated with Trulacta  for 48 hours. After the treatment, the cells were counted again. The results showed that almost  all the K562 cells were killed while the NK cells proliferated and survived. This means that NK  cells that were provided with Trulatca’s HMBs successfully fought off the cancer cells and didn’t  harm the good cells in the human blood cell model. 

This study is incredibly promising. It demonstrates the scientific evidence of the immune  support that Trulacta can possess. However, the current set of studies on the benefits of human  milk and HMBs are limited. There is much more to discover, and there are many possible uses  and benefits that can be found from taking Trulacta. This field of study is becoming more  popular as more astounding findings, like this one, are discovered.  

The material provided is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the  diagnosis or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional. You should always seek medical  advice before consuming any new medicines or supplements.

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