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Trulacta 7-Day Free Trial

Trulacta 7-Day Free Trial

Take the first step toward whole-body healing today and order this complimentary 7-day Trial pack, which includes 14 capsules. A $25 value. No obligation to buy.
Restore and maintain your body as nature intended.
Lab-tested supplement for adults that supports optimal gut health, better sleep, and mental health and well-being with nutrient-rich Human Milk Bionutrients (HMBsTM) derived from 100% donated, purified human milk.

Optimum Digestion

Immune System Support

Better Sleep

Mental Health

Human Milk, Plant-Derived Cellulose, and Silicone Dioxide 

Trulacta is made of Human Milk Bionutrients™ (HMBs™), which contain thousands of beneficial components. Learn more about the specific components within Trulacta by clicking here.

100% Natural

100% Safe

Made in America

Optimum Digestion

The human milk in Trulacta protects the digestive system and optimizes nutrient absorption by helping good bacteria thrive.

Mental Health

The key to a better mood could be improved gut health. 100 million nerve cells support the communication of the gut and the brain, and because Trulacta optimizes gut health, it could help your mood too.

Immune System Support†

Trulacta's Human Milk Bionutrients (HMBs) includes several forms of anitbodies - referred to as immunoglobins. With about 70 percent of the immune system located in the walls of the gut, Trulacta optimizes digestive health, improving the immune system.

Better Sleep

Human milk helps restore and maintain the body's natural circadian rhythms that regulate sleep - so you easily fall asleep and stay asleep.

Reduced Inflammation

The extracellular vesicle components found in human milk control inflammation and regulate cell growth.

All Natural

Trulacta is 100% natural, 100% vegan and the only supplement that contains natural HMBs.

Components Formulated by Nature

As the first all-natural supplement that is 100% human milk, Trulacta's benefit-rich Human Milk Bionutrients' (HMBs) components are essential for supporting whole-body health.

Human Milk Oligosaccarides (HMO)

Provides anit-imflammatory benefits by stimulating the colonization of good bacteria, while reducing the colonization of bad pathogens.


Improves the body's immune response by blocking the binding of pathogens, while stimulating the allergen response.


Boosts digestion, anti-inflammatory, and immune support with enzymes that accelerate chemical reactions in the body.


Enhances better sleep with specific nucleotides that regulate circadian rhythms.

Stem Cells

Nurtures the repair and regeneration of healthy cells for the body's tissues and organs.

Growth Factors

Promotes the repair and growth of damaged skin, as well as maintaining the skin's protective functions.

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