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How and Why Trulacta Absorbs Nutrients Better

How and Why Trulacta Absorbs Nutrients Better

Prebiotics and Probiotics have become increasingly popular and can be found in many foods and supplements—and this is for good reason! The health benefits are consistently shown to improve gut health, immune health, and overall wellbeing. 

Being more specific, prebiotics and probiotics help to feed and grow your gut’s bacteria culture and diversity, also known as the gut microbiome. Prebiotics feed the existing bacteria in your stomach microbiome, whereas probiotics are new, good bacteria that adds to the diversity of your gut. 

These are both great nutrients that you should actively try to add into your diet, however, there is another type of nutrient that has similar effects but works to absorb into your system even faster—these are Human Milk Bionutrients. Human Milk Bionutrients (HMBs) are a large and diverse category of nutrients that are found in human milk.  Similarly to pre and pro-biotics, HMBs help to improve gut health and immune health, and they additionally improve your mood, circadian rhythms, and reduces inflammation.  

HMBs are found in Trulacta, which is the only supplement that is comprised of 100% dehydrated human milk and contains natural HMBs and many other beneficial components. Trulacta possesses strong stomach survival, which means its benefit-rich nutrients are less likely to be destroyed by the stomach’s acids through the digestive track and are better absorbed by the body and microbiome. It delivers the most nutrients to your body, making it an easy an effective option to improve your overall health. 

A few of the many nutrient-rich components in Trulacta are:

  • Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) – reduces inflammatory responses by stimulating good bacteria growth and reducing pathogens
  • Immunoglobulins – supports your gut health by protecting against invading pathogens
  • Lactoferrin – Helps defend against viruses and infections
  • IGF and other growth factors – supports the repair and growth of damaged skin
  • TNF-a ,IL-6 and other Cytokines – reduces inflammation and supports the immune system
  • Nucleotides – assists the circadian rhythms that help you get a good nights sleep
  • Metabolic Hormones – aids in the protection against diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

The diversity of nutrients in Trulacta combined with its powerful nutrient absorption abilities make it a great way to restore and maintain a healthy body and mind. 

The material provided is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the diagnosis or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional. You should always seek medical advice before consuming any new medicines or supplements. 

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